Leading Supplier of Premium Walnuts

Recognized across the globe, the “Red” Crain brand is
synonymous with high quality standards. Our commitment to continued improvement
is illustrated by our ability to meet or exceed the stringent criteria of the
globally recognized food safety initiatives. This direction and focus have allowed
for the expansion of quality markets and the development of fluid distribution
channels which have created the solid foundation of the Crain companies’
diverse customer base.

The Crain family comprises one of the largest growers and
processors of English Walnuts in California and has been actively involved in
the industry for almost 60 years. Their strong family values and philosophy for
self-financed growth has resulted in a well-capitalized structure with low
overhead costs. Between strategic financial planning, high efficiency,
state-of-the-art processing and packing facilities, and a supply base
delivering from over 500 independent walnut growers, the Crain brand is able to
provide the best valued quality products.

We promise, Commitment, Tradition, Quality

Through innovation and continuous improvement, Crain Ranch has quickly become well known for their premium quality in-shell English walnuts. By using technological advancements as well as hand sorted quality checks, Crain Ranch can provide the highest quality in-shell walnuts from the inside out. These walnuts are produce-grade with clean, scrubbed shells which has given the iconic “CR” bag their reputation of quality and service across the globe.

With both bulk and retail packaging available, Crain Ranch ships nationwide and to all major international markets including Europe, Asia, India, South America, the Mediterranean and Australia. Our specially trained logistics staff is readily available to consult on all your shipping and freight forwarding needs.

Looking to make a custom order? Crain Ranch can provide custom packaging with in-house retail and bulk packaging capabilities. Our expert customer service team is ready to answer any questions and help guide you in making an order that’s right for you!